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A Brief Essay Writing Guide for Beginners In 2021


It is essential for every student to learn about essay writing as it is an important part of almost all curriculums. So, let’s start the definition of an essay. 

Essay is a short piece of academic writing in which specific topic is discussed with individual focus. There are many types of essays and each type follows a specific set of rules. 


What is the purpose of writing an essay?

The purpose of writing an essay is to inform a specific audience such as your teacher or classmates. Each type of essay revolves around a certain focus. Refer to the following section and see what the basic type of academic essays are. 

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What are the different types of an essay?


There are many types of essays students have to deal with in their academic years and each of them serves a specific. Below you can find some of the most common types of essays and for what purpose they are written. 



Argumentative essay - this type of essay means that you have to take your stance and prove it with facts and examples. 

Persuasive essay - in this type of writing, you choose a side and prove it right with solid arguments. 

Narrative essay - one of most creative types of essay writing tasks in which you tell a story from your real life. 

Descriptive essay - in this essay type, you describe some idea, concept or an event. 

Cause and effect essay - in this type of writing you explain the cause of a specific event and what effect it has. 

Process essay - in process essay writing, you describe how something is done. This type of essay uses a chronological order and step by step process in a clear and logical manner. 

Compare and contrast essay - this type of essay lists down the differences and similarities of two or more objects. 

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What is the basic structure of an essay?


This is the first paragraph of an essay that needs proper attention to grab the reader’s attention. Here you need to introduce your topic and provide some background information for the better understanding of the readers. For an effective essay introduction, you can start with a hook, or a question, or a surprising fact.

This is the last section of the essay introduction that sets the main focus of your essay. A thesis statement is one of the most critical parts of any essay. This statement shows what you are going to discuss in your essay. All information you present in the rest of your essay should relate back to this thesis statement. 

This is the most lengthy part of any essay. It usually consists of a minimum of three paragraphs. Each body paragraph should focus on one idea and what you discuss here should support the central idea of your essay. Here you need to state your arguments and prove it with facts and examples. Remember each body paragraph should not exceed 200 words. 


This is the last paragraph of an essay in which you need to summarize all the key ideas and provide a final perspective on the topic. 

Below you can find the basic essay structure that you must include in your essay. You can also refer to expert help at the best paper writing service if you don’t know how to write a perfect essay. 

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