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AMCP Acceptable Use Policy

Welcome to AMCP Collaborate, the on-line community portal of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP). Comments are welcomed and encouraged on AMCP Collaborate. This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) seeks to encourage prudent use of and applies to all users of AMCP Collaborate. 

1. RESPONSIBILITY FOR USE. At all times, you agree to conduct your on-line activities on AMCP Collaborate in a professional, responsible, and business-like manner and in accordance with this AUP and all applicable laws. Any views or opinions expressed by you on AMCP Collaborate are your personal views or opinions and do not reflect the views or opinions of AMCP. Moreover, no such information available through AMCP Collaborate should constitute professional or legal advice of any kind.

2. USER OBLIGATIONS. Participation and access to AMCP Collaborate is limited to persons age 18 years and over who are members or those involved in AMCP events or committees. By installing, accessing, or using the AMCP Forum, you represent that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age. When you use AMCP Collaborate, you promise to provide true and accurate information. You also understand and agree that use of the Internet and AMCP Collaborate is solely your decision and at your own risk. You are responsible for your own use and any “Comments” (as defined below). AMCP is not responsible for the security of any information transmitted via the Internet, the accuracy of the information contained or presented on AMCP Collaborate, or for the consequences of any reliance on such transmission and/or information. You must make your own determination as to these issues.

3. RIGHT TO USE. AMCP Collaborate is provided by AMCP as a resource for you and to further the mission of AMCP. Access to and use of AMCP Collaborate is therefore limited to your personal use and to AMCP’s mission-related communications, promotion, and other activities. You do not have any right to distribute further AMCP Collaborate (or any part or content presented on AMCP Collaborate) without AMCP’s prior written permission.

4. PROPRIETARY RIGHTS. You have no proprietary interest in AMCP Collaborate, and this AUP provides only a limited license to use its features. You have no right to identify or suggest an affiliation with or endorsement by AMCP and/or its policies or services. The AMCP Collaborate is Copyright © 2020 Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy and/or its licensors. All rights reserved. 

5. ENFORCING SECURITY. AMCP wishes to keep AMCP Collaborate as a safe and productive resource for all. You therefore may not use AMCP Collaborate or any of AMCP’s data, systems, network, or services to engage in, foster, or promote illegal, abusive, or irresponsible behavior, including, without limitation, accessing or using AMCP data, systems, or networks in an unauthorized manner, attempting to probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of a AMCP system or network, circumventing any AMCP security or authentication measures, monitoring AMCP data or traffic, interfering with any AMCP services, collecting or using from AMCP Collaborate email addresses, screen names, or other identifiers, collecting or using from AMCP Collaborate information, including any “Comment” (as defined below) without the consent of the owner or licensor, using any false, misleading, or deceptive TCP-IP packet header information, using AMCP Collaborate to distribute software or tools that gather information, distributing advertisements, or engaging in conduct that it likely to result in retaliation against AMCP or its data, systems, or network. In order to maintain security, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy while using AMCP Collaborate because AMCP reserves the right to view, monitor, and/or record activity on AMCP Collaborate and to comply with government or court appointed authorities when necessary. AMCP also reserves the right at any time when warranted to suspend or terminate operation of or access to AMCP Collaborate or any portion of AMCP Collaborate.

6. COMMENTS. AMCP Collaborate provides the opportunity to share knowledge and post other helpful or meaningful information. By submitting information of any type (a "Comment") to the AMCP Collaborate or by otherwise using AMCP Collaborate to transmit or display information, you hereby represent and warrant that you have all rights necessary to transmit and provide a Comment(s), and you automatically grant AMCP the royalty-free right to use your Comments for any lawful purpose. You also acknowledge that your submissions are non-confidential for all purposes, and you represent and warrant that you have all rights and permission necessary to submit, display, or make available any content in your Comment. Moreover, you agree that by using AMCP Collaborate you will not post or transmit any of the following content, information, or materials on the AMCP Forum:

  • Anything that violates AMCP’s Antitrust Guidelines, currently located at https://www.amcp.org/antitrust;

  • Anything that endorses or otherwise favors or opposes one or more political parties or candidates for
    public office;

  • Anything that promotes, sells, or advertises commercial products or services;

  • Anything that violates contractual or fiduciary rights, duties, or agreements;

  • Anything that is bigoted, hateful, or offensive;

  • Anything that encourages criminal conduct or that would give rise to civil liability;

  • Anything that violates any law or regulation in any jurisdiction;

  • Anything that contains vulgar, obscene, profane, or otherwise objectionable language or images;

  • Anything that typically would not be considered socially or professionally responsible or appropriate in person;

  • Anything that harms minors or is directed as a means to contact or interact with a minor;

  • Anything that impersonates any other person or entity, whether actual or fictitious, including, without limitation, employees and representatives of the AMCP;

  • Anything that misrepresents your affiliation with any entity and/or the AMCP;

  • Anything, which defames, harasses, threatens, or offends;

  • Anything that violates or infringes on the rights of others or misappropriates or breaches any confidentiality obligation;

  • Anything that violates the privacy or publicity rights of any other person, including, without limitation, posting any personally identifiable information of another individual;

  • Anything that constitutes a chain letter or pyramid scheme;

  • Anything that is false, deceptive, or misleading;

  • Anything that constitutes junk mail, spam, or unauthorized advertising or promotional materials;

  • Anything that is “off-topic,” irrelevant, or inappropriate for the purposes of AMCP Collaborate;

  • Anything that interferes with or disrupts the AMCP Forum; and

  • Anything that contains or distributes malicious code, viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another’s computer, network, or AMCP Collaborate or AMCP’s data, network, or systems.

As AMCP Collaborate is generally public, the user experience is enhanced if you follow these guidelines. Please also use netiquette. Please be succinct and on-topic. Please remember to respect others and their opinions. AMCP encourages open and sincere communication, but urges all users to remember that AMCP Collaborate is intended to be a resource for all.

7. NO PRE-SCREENING OF YOUR COMMENTS. AMCP is not responsible for monitoring or moderating the AMCP Collaborate to the extent AMCP itself does not post or display the information through its authorized channels and processes. AMCP therefore encourages you to use reasonable discretion in using AMCP Collaborate. AMCP also does not endorse, oppose, or edit any opinion or information provided by you or another person or entity on AMCP Collaborate. Any views expressed on AMCP Collaborate do not necessarily reflect the views of AMCP. 

8. ENFORCEMENT OF AUP. AMCP will generally employ a “three-strike” system for violations of Section 6 of this AUP, with progressively increasing punishment, ranging from a warning (first violation), to suspension (second violation), and to permanent ban (third violation). Strikes are given on a case-by-case basis, and in certain cases, progressive discipline may be inappropriate. Accordingly, AMCP reserves the right, in its sole discretion, at any time to delete, edit, or take other appropriate action with respect to the AMCP Collaborate (or parts thereof), including, without limitation, deleting any Comment or terminating your access or use, in the event that AMCP believes in good faith that your actions or Comments violate this AUP and/or are potentially unlawful or harmful to AMCP and/or other persons or entities.

9. COPYRIGHT; DESIGNATED AGENT FOR NOTIFICATION OF CLAIMS OF INFRINGEMENT. AMCP respects the intellectual property rights of others, and it asks you to do the same. Accordingly, it is AMCP’s policy to respond appropriately to a notice of alleged infringement that complies with U.S. Copyright Law. If you believe that one or more of your works have been copied or used in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide a written notice of your claim of copyright infringement that is directed to AMCP’s designated agent as specified below along with the following information:

  • A signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest that is allegedly infringed;

  • A description, in reasonable detail (including any applicable URL address), of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed;

  • A description, in reasonable detail, of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the AMCP Collaborate;

  • Your address, telephone number, and e-mail address;

  • A statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and

  • A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your written notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf.

  • Designated Agent: DMCA@amcp.org.

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy d/b/a AMCP
Attention: Copyright Compliance Department
675 N Washington Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 684-2600

10. LINKS TO OTHER SITES. If links to other sites on the World Wide Web are provided or made available through AMCP Collaborate, please note that these sites have not necessarily been reviewed by AMCP and are maintained by third parties over which AMCP exercises no control and for which AMCP will not be responsible. Please also note that these links do not imply an endorsement by AMCP of any other site, product, service, person, cause, political campaign or candidate, or information.



13. GOVERNING LAW. This AUP has been made in and will be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the as applied to agreements entered into and completely performed in the . A printed version of this AUP and of any related notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings. 

14. CHANGES. Please note that AMCP reserves the right to change the AMCP Collaborate and/or its features (although AMCP does not have any obligation to do so) as well as the terms and conditions of this AUP. Your continued use of AMCP Collaborate following any announced change will mean that you have accepted any change to AMCP Collaborate and/or to this AUP. Therefore, we encourage you to review this AUP on a periodic basis.

15. CONTACT INFORMATION. If you have questions regarding this AUP and/or AMCP Collaborate, including, without limitation, any requests to use any blog entry for other purposes, please contact memberservices@amcp.org.