Code of Conduct

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Thank you for being part of AMCP Collaborate!  

To ensure the best possible experience for all members, we have established some basic guidelines for participation in addition to our Acceptable Use Policy 

  • Respect others. Focus on the content of posts and not on the people making them. Please extend the benefit of the doubt to newer guests and members; there is no such thing as a stupid question.

  • Don't challenge or attack others. The discussions and comments are meant to stimulate conversation not to create contention. Let others have their say, just as you may. 

  • Respect the purpose of the community. Use the community to share successes, challenges, constructive feedback, questions, and goals instead of products or services that you provide.

  • Keep it Legal. Discussing or engaging in conduct that is prohibited by law is a major no-no. This includes endorsing improper or illegal use of drugs or alcohol, or any harassing, discriminatory, or retaliatory behavior. Likewise, all postings and conduct on the site must conform to applicable state and federal laws.

  • No sales. Comments and discussions should not be commercial or promotional in nature.

  • Use caution when discussing products. Users of AMCP Collaborate must adhere to AMCP’s antitrust policyInformation posted on the discussion groups and in the libraries is available for all to see, and comments are subject to libel, slander, and antitrust laws.

  • Respect intellectual property. Post only content that you have personally created or have permission to use and have properly attributed to the content creator.

  • This is a professional forum — posts and comments should be focused on the issues of managed care pharmacy and health care. This is not the place for a political debate on issues not tied to the profession.

  • All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, bigoted, hateful, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited. Do not post anything that you would not want the world to see or that you would not want anyone to know came from you.

If you think a discussion post is inappropriate, you may flag it by selecting Mark as Inappropriate in the drop-down menu under "reply" or by emailing

Discussion Group Etiquette

  • State the topic of your comments concisely and clearly in the subject line. This allows members to respond more appropriately to your posting and makes it easier for members to search the archives by subject.

  • Send messages such as "thanks for the information" or "me, too" to individuals, not to the entire list. Do this by using the "Reply to Sender" link in every message.

  • Do not send administrative messages, such as “remove me from the list,” to the group. Instead, use the web interface to change your settings or to remove yourself from a list.