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Debate Topics To Impress Your Audience In 2021


During our time at school or college or any other educational institute, we get to learn a lot of academic-related activities. Apart from that, we also come across so many extra-curricular activities. 

One of the most interesting activities is to participate in a debate competition. If a student aims to impress the audience and win the competition, he/she must prepare a solid and well-written speech. 


A debate or a speech is a type of custom write my paper, which is written particularly on a specific topic. To find a good topic for a debate is one big task to do. But in this article, we have tried to make things a bit easy for you by bringing up some very good and impressive debate topics. All of these topics have been carefully chosen to help you write a winning debate.

Read through all of these topics and select the one you think is right according to your audience and the environment. 

  1. Students should be allowed to use laptops in schools and colleges. 
  2. Is it a good option to put children into boarding schools?
  3. Parents should not purchase war or destruction type toys for their children.
  4. Students these days must be provided with multiple lessons of physical education.
  5. Is it ethical for couples to live together before they are officially married?
  6. Homework is no less than stress for the students. 
  7. Smoking should be strictly banned in public places. 
  8. Beauty pageants are only objectifying women. 
  9. The rule of the death penalty should be taken away.
  10. Teenagers should not be allowed to play violent video games. 




As mentioned earlier that a debate is also a type of essay that a student comes across very frequently. This is why, if you are writing a debate and you are facing any difficulty, you can find and ask a professional to “write my essay”. This option is the best for students who do not have very good writing skills or want to be sure that their debate is well-written. 

Let us dive into some more catchy debate topics.

  1. Peer pressure is the biggest threat to our upcoming generation. 
  2. Schools should not allow students to use cell phones during study hours. 
  3. No human should be physically tortured, no matter how serious the situation is. 
  4. Girls are superior to boys.
  5. Beauty needs no ornaments.
  6. Is it not appropriate for adults to be sentenced to life without any parole. 
  7. School uniforms play a significant role in making the learning environment more effective.
  8. Humans are truly responsible for the extinction of so many animal breeds. 
  9. Famous celebrities can easily get away with more crime than an ordinary person. 
  10. The grading system used in high school is not very effective and justifiable. 
  11. Television is an effective tool in building the minds of children.
  12. The video games that contain violent graphics are totally appropriate for children. 
  13. The impact of social networking and social networking sites is very dominating. 
  14. Is the American war on terror really effective on the surrounding environment. 
  15. What is the minimum punishment for law violators.
  16. Is it better to date a man who is not financially stable. 
  17. Bottled water is way more healthy than regular water. 
  18. Many planets came into being as a result of a chemical reaction. 
  19. Can a woman become a successful president of the United States.


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