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Electronic cigarettes are non-nicotine flavored vapor. Also commonly referred to as "vapes," they are distinguished from heated cigarettes. E-cigarettes are popular as an effective smoking cessation item, but recently they are also becoming a new luxury item for relaxation and a change of pace.

We have therefore picked up some recommended e-cigarettes for this issue. The ones introduced here range from those that can be used for a long time with maintenance to casual disposable types. We will also cover the differences from heated cigarettes, types, and precautions when using them. Why don't you take this opportunity to try e-cigarettes as a new taste?

What is the difference between an electronic cigarette and a heated cigarette?

An electronic cigarette (VAPE Products) heats the liquid in the cartridge to vaporize it, which is then inhaled to enjoy a variety of flavors. Since they do not use tobacco leaves, they do not produce nicotine, which is harmful to health. Heated cigarettes, on the other hand, use tobacco leaves and produce nicotine like cigarettes, which is a major difference. In addition, since e-cigarettes are not legally cigarettes, they are not subject to tobacco tax.

Types of E-cigarettes and their respective characteristics

E-cigarette devices can be divided into four types: liquid, cartridge-replaceable, POD, and disposable. Liquid e-cigarettes require more maintenance, but are characterized by a strong smoking sensation. The POD type offers the same rich flavor as the liquid type, but requires regular replacement of the POD, including the coil.

Precautions for enjoying e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes do not contain nicotine or tar because they do not use tobacco leaves. Although they are not legally cigarettes, the vapor produced by e-cigarettes is often indistinguishable from tobacco smoke. Therefore, be aware that smoking outside of a smoking area may cause unnecessary trouble. It is also not recommended that minors or pregnant women use e-cigarettes.

Recommended e-cigarettes* Comparison of popular products!

Eonfine Starter Kit

This electronic cigarette is equipped with a power change function that allows you to adjust the amount of smoke according to your preference and the occasion. The atomizer part is hermetically designed so there is no need to worry about troublesome liquid leakage. The visualization tank makes it convenient to see the remaining amount of liquid. It has a sleekly designed LED display that shows power and remaining battery level at a glance.

WOLFTEETH ego atomizer

This e-cigarette comes in an attractive, colorful special case. Everything from the battery to the atomizer and charger fit neatly into the case, making it easy to carry around. It is also equipped with an overheat protection function to prevent accidental burning of the liquid. 1.6 ml of liquid can be used for a maximum of approximately 500 mouthfuls, making it a cost-effective e-cigarette.

VITAFUL Electronic Cigarette Menthol Mint

This e-cigarette is made by China disposable vape manufacturer perfect for a change of pace with its refreshing menthol flavor. The advantage is that it is disposable and requires no troublesome maintenance. The smart form and cute colors make it a good choice for women and e-cigarette debutants. The most popular flavor is menthol mint, but there are also a variety of other flavors, such as strawberry and sweet vanilla, to choose from, depending on your mood.

myblu Starter Kit

This e-cigarette is popular for its sophisticated design. The kit includes not only the main unit and USB charger, but also a strong menthol flavor pod, so you can enjoy it as soon as it arrives. The e-cigarette starts up when you inhale, and there are no buttons to operate, making it simple and convenient to use. The smooth curve of the mouthpiece creates a relaxing moment.

COOFINE Starter Kit

The futuristic and stylish design of this e-cigarette is eye-catching. The airflow is increased by designing a large air inlet, resulting in a dynamic smoke volume. The contents of the tank are visible, so you can see the remaining amount of liquid at a glance. Considerations such as overheat protection and overcharge protection are also well covered. Easy to carry and easy to use, it is recommended for e-cigarette beginners.